Reciprocal license procedures

Thailand has concluded reciprocal agreements with the following countries

- Austria - Belgium - Denmark - France - Germany - Luxembourg - Sweden - Switzerland
- United Kingdom - United State of America

Prepare to get "HS" license

If you are a citizen of one of these countries and a licensed amateur, you can apply for a reciprocal operating license to obtain equivalent privileges with a Thai license and callsign, depending on the agreement. A reciprocal licensee is normally issued with a callsign in the series HS0Zxx and the license lasts for five years and renewable.

Registration with RAST and to be a RAST Gold Life membership is a government requirement for a reciprocal license. RAST will submit your documents to NBTC for your reciprocal license and 90 days temporally import license. This service is given free of charge by RAST to its members

RAST Membership 

Required documents for your RAST Gold Life Membership and reciprocal operating license application:

1. A standard passport photo sized 1'' x 1'' (in .jpg file format)

2. A photocopy of your passport information page.

3. A photocopy of your origin’s country amateur radio license.

4. A completed NBTC application form for the license
(The signature shall be same as passport)
>> How to fill a NBTC No.2 Form

5. A copy of Fees payment slip

Send all required documents (by scan in to PDF or jpg files) to The Registrar of RAST by e-mail address:


- RAST Gold Life membership 5100 THB

- NBTC Amateur Radio License 214 THB 

Total 5314 THB payment can be made by paypal (
for those whom living out of Thailand.